The Chasm : A Novel by David Ainsworth
The Chasm : A Novel by David Ainsworth
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The Chasm
A Novel by David Ainsworth

    is the only novel that dissects the growing impact of the global economy on Americans. 



About The Book

    This novel tells the story of four young men whose lives intersect in compelling ways as their lives play out against the back story of globalization and the new pressures it creates for Americans.

    Alex, the lawyer, pursues his ambition in a Washington DC law firm with a leading lobbying practice that too-often serves predatory foreign interests. Billy, initially a highly successful programming wizard who develops cutting edge software for the movie industry, finds the demand for his skills withering as his industry inexorably out-sources its technology work to Asia. Ichiro, a Western- oriented banking expert in the Japanese Ministry of Finance is confronted with the intractable corruption that determines his professional life and results in his undertaking an astonishingly course of action. Jamal, a blue collar veteran of the first Gulf War struggles to avoid falling into the ruinous life of a player on the streets of Oakland in order to survive. Finally, Maryam, a young Iranian- American woman is the thread that connects the lives of the four young men.

     Can the American Government provide a competent response to the growing threat to the protagonists and the middle class they represent? Theirs is the contemporary story of the American Dream, and their fates define the winners and losers in this sophisticated meditation on the greatest class war of our time.

About the Author

     David Ainsworth practiced international maritime law in San Francisco for three decades and spent many years participating as an industry observer and informal negotiator in bilateral trade negotiations between the United States and several Asian countries.  He also represented his clients in combating foreign trade barriers in litigation and in private negotiations with these trading partners.  In each case, the American side had to expend extraordinary effort, with only partial success, seeking the same trading rights for American businesses abroad that America extends to foreign entities in this country.  It was this experience that taught the author the true nature of  America's trade position and provided the genesis of this, his first, novel.

     David Ainsworth resides in the Napa Valley and is pursuing new careers writing politically oriented fiction and making wine.

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